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    Bytemap keeps on giving error invalid local variable binding


      My Java method is :-


      private static Object workingProducer() throws InterruptedException {

        String producerThreadName = Thread.currentThread().getName();

        System.out.println("Producer Thread..." + producerThreadName);

        String testMsg="Hello world";

         int messageCount = 0;

         while (true) {


        System.out.println("Thread " + producerThreadName + " inserting " + messageCount + " into the blocking Queue");

         // sleep for 1 seconds so that we can see in console how threads are working




      My .btm file is :-


      RULE run producer then halt but consumers continue to run

      CLASS ThreadInteraction

      METHOD workingProducer

      AFTER WRITE $producerThreadName

      BIND testingMessage = $testMsg;

      IF true

      DO traceln($testMsg)



      When I run this on debug (-Dorg.jboss.byteman.verbose) , it shows me


      RuleCheckMethodAdapter.checkBindings : invalid local variable binding $testMsg checking method workingProducer()Ljava/lang/Object;


      But you can see testMsg variable name exists in above private java method.


      What is wrong in the usage?  Please provide me the right usage is anything is wrong.