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    How to create/bound the JNDI names globally for hibernate Se

    ravi paramasivam Newbie

      I am new to jboss(but not app server domain) and tried running the examples in the below link.
      When i ran the example i am getting the exception saying that

      NamingException: hibernate not found.

      When i analyse the issue it looks like 'hibernate/SessionFactory' is not bound to JNDI.I couldn't find any options in mysql-ds.xml and other xml files.
      The only place we are mentioning is hibernate-service.xml,but it didn't insist app server to bound that jndi name during run time.

      The workaround i found is by following the last paragraph in the below link


      My Questions:-
      1.is there any configuration file where in which i can specificy the hibernate session factory and then jboss identifies that change and bound the JNDI name?
      2.is there any command line tool or console option(web-console) where in which i can add the JNDI resources?.