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    Facelets template into own module server don´t find

    Nestor Martinez de Antoñana Newbie



      I have JSF2+primefaces webapp and I have developed one library that I export into the server as a module.

      In the jboss-deployment-structure file I have one reference to this module like this:



      <jboss-deployment-structure xmlns="urn:jboss:deployment-structure:1.2">




      <module name="org.primefaces" meta-inf="export">


      <include path="META-INF" />



      <module name="my.module" annotations="true" services="import" export="true" meta-inf="export"/>



      <sub-deployment name="webapp.war">






      In my module despite several classes I have some resources like images, xhtml, css and facelets templates

      Images an css Works fine but facelets templates and other xhtml produces this error



      JSF1064: JSF1064: Unable to find or serve resource


      If my librari Works in compiled mode (not provided) all Works fine.

      Can somebody have this problem?