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    Make a module depends of a EAR/WAR

    Raul Valdoleiros Newbie



      I'm building a product that must be extended by external people of our organization, we don't want the war to be changed by the "external people".


      So, our application has the following structure.

      • EAR
        • WAR
          • JAR A
          • JAR B
        • extension module defined in jboss-deployment-structure

      The extension module is like this

      <sub-deployment name="A.war">


        <module name="extension.module" optional="false">





      We thought the "external people" could create the "extension.module" module and than add the behavior they want. But to do that they need to add dependencies to the JAR A and JAR B inside the war/ear.

      Can you help me solving this?