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    modcluster port

    Tommy T Newbie



      I have set up modcluster as per usual defaults for advertise mode


      <socket-binding name="modcluster" port="0" multicast-address="" multicast-port="23364"/>


      After multiple deployments of several apaches and JBoss's i noticed some clients were appearing on some apaches and some on others without much pattern. On inspection I noticed I accidentally changed port="0" to port="1" at start of


      <socket-binding name="modcluster" port="1" multicast-address="" multicast-port="23364"/> on some deployments.


      I can't find any documentation explaining this particular value, most seem to reference the multicast ip:poort.


      1. What is significance of this port?
      2. What appeared to be happening is this;  once a mod_cluster-manager is started up, if the first client that pinged/responded to him was working on port "0" then he would only serve these contexts. If by luck the first guy to reply was configured on port="1" then he would only serve these contexts.


      Is this how it works? Is there a way to pre-configure mod_clusterr-manager to server all contexts regardless of thisport or only a particular port in a more deterministic fashion?