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    Errai forum dead?


      It looks like this Errai forum is dead. I think it's time to have a Gitter for Errai e.g. gwtproject/gwt - Gitter  is very much active.

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          Hi Xybrek,


          Hristo suggested gitter a few weeks / months ago.

          I dont think it is a good ideas to increase seperation. I see GWT as an ecosystem not as a framework. There are already some Errai users on the GWT gitter channel.

          Why another dead (like GWTP) Channel on gitter?


          I check the Errai forum every 2-3 days. But it is hard the be more active, supportive or offer help.

          Every user has its own stack like Errai3 vs Errai4, Maven vs Gradle, two maven GWT plugins, two GWT gradle plugins, Polymer vs Widgets, Tomcat vs Wildfly, JBoss.


          I think ist a good idea to build a small github project to reproduce the problem and post the url if you need more help or feedback to an answer / problem.

          Max and Christian build apps the redhat way (maven, wildfly) - i think they have the same problem to offer help - only with a small stacktrace provided by a user.

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            I've just started a new project and I'm using Errai 4.0, but it looks like there are only a few of us. The forum seems dead, irc also, mailing list is only for build failers...

            Where are the Errai users hanging out? Why not open a gitter channel? Restrictions on this forum are ridiculous.