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    Deploying Apache Jackrabbit on JBoss / Wildfly

    David D Newbie

      I've gotten a Jackrabbit instance up and running on Wildfly 8.1.0, but I had to do some gymnastics to do so, including some of the process detailed in this related thread:

      Re: JBoss 7: how to deploy with JCA?


      It would be optimal if I could just include jackrabbit-jca as a dependency in Maven and use it as is, but as detailed in the above thread, in order to get jackrabbit to deploy and function it's necessary to modify the MANIFEST.MF inside the .rar.

      Can someone explain to me where the dots are connected in the dependency resolution that makes this modification necessary (and useful, who's reading this MANIFEST.MF within the deployment)? Also, why is it appropriate for the Apache folks to ship the .rar without the javax.jcr dependency listed there?


      Further, is there a better way / different way to deploy or set up dependencies between the modules such that this manual manipulation isn't necessary?


      I know some of my questions my go beyond the JBoss developer topics, but any enlightenment on the discussion would be appreciated, and if you point me somewhere else I'm happy to receive that as well. TIA