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    Jboss and apache

    siddharth chettri Newbie

      hello Everyone! i am currently maintaining a project which was developed using

      jboss portal,so guys--- there are two server apache and jboss both residing in individual system,

      the apache 2.24 open ssl is used to save the content for the portal,

      the joss is starting when i run the run.sh file and is able to pull the content from apache,

      but when i try to run  it with { in the production environment} the start.sh file it does

      not start at all in the local system,

      and when i access

      the website/portal through other device it displayes error "

          There might be typing error in the address.

          Link through which you are trying to reach may be out of date.

          Servier is busy.


      the system are linux

      plz EVERYONE HELP Thanks in advance