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    Camel route design

    Pravin Deshmukh Newbie

      Hello All,


      I need some help in designing a scheduled route in blueprint. The overall requirement / flow in brief is as following,


      1) The route is scheduled to run every 30 minutes

      2) Invokes a stored procedure and gets a id

      3) Selects records from another table (could be more than one). This has a json message that will be used later to invoke a web service

      4) Invoke a rest webservice to get a authentication token. This is common token to be used for every run, hence invoke only one time

      5) For each record from step 3 invoke another rest webservice and submit the payload from step 3 and use token from step 4

      6) Step 5 will get a success/failure from step 5

      7) Update a table in database with the response from step 6 and some fields from step 2 and step 3.


      Appreciate if someone can help me on designing routes for this requirement.