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    Wildfly shutdown not instant when a MDB is deployed ?

    Darryl Miles Novice

      I noticed that when I have an active MDB wildfly has to be more or less killed to shutdown in a reasonable time.


      I also notice that if I manually delete wildfly-10.1.0/standalone/data/activemq/  I also got this faster performance back.


      So what am I doing wrong in my MDB to stop WildFly from shutting down instantly ?


      I get this: INFO  [org.jboss.as.server] (management-handler-thread - 5) WFLYSRV0236: Suspending server with no timeout.


      I am using IntelliJ built in Application Server tools to start / stop.  So I believe it used a management API.


      Is it possible to get WildFly to log what services are keeping the AS up ?  ideally every 5 seconds it should emit the reason why it is still up and what services it is waiting for.