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    Wildfly shutdown not instant when a MDB is deployed ?


      I noticed that when I have an active MDB wildfly has to be more or less killed to shutdown in a reasonable time.


      I also notice that if I manually delete wildfly-10.1.0/standalone/data/activemq/  I also got this faster performance back.


      So what am I doing wrong in my MDB to stop WildFly from shutting down instantly ?


      I get this: INFO  [org.jboss.as.server] (management-handler-thread - 5) WFLYSRV0236: Suspending server with no timeout.


      I am using IntelliJ built in Application Server tools to start / stop.  So I believe it used a management API.


      Is it possible to get WildFly to log what services are keeping the AS up ?  ideally every 5 seconds it should emit the reason why it is still up and what services it is waiting for.

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          Can you capture a few thread dumps before and after you issue the shutdown with the active MDB?  Hopefully this will show exactly what the MDB (or perhaps another component) is doing to prevent shutdown.

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            Hi Darryl,


            if server is shutting down when MDB is processing messages then server tries to wait some time for MDB to finish processing of messages. This time depends on the type of business logic in MDB, number of MDB sessions, whether MDB is consuming messages from remote WF10/Artemis broker and if it's calling some EJB logic.


            As Justin mentioned suggested, to create some thread dumps is the best way to see what's cause of those long shutdowns.