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    Undertow Gzip Content-Encoding with Chuncked Transfer-Encoding

    Antoine Girard Newbie



      I am using the Undertow EncodingHandler with a Gzip Content repository, as follows (sample code taken from a unit test):


      final EncodingHandler handler = 
          new EncodingHandler(new ContentEncodingRepository()
                new GzipEncodingProvider(), 50,


      It works fine for very small response bodies, however, when Undertow starts to use the Chunked Transfer-Encoding, the Gzip compression is simply ignored.

      My question is basically: how to apply a Gzip encoding (or other compression) before Undertow starts chunking the response?


      Also, and I could not really track it down from the source code, how does Undertow decide to start chunking the response?




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