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    Jboss WorkManager

    Naveen Bandi Newbie

      I am looking Jboss work manager example,to do parallel calls in jboss,any idea or sample is there to start

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          Panagiotis Chavariotis Novice

          Let me clarify some points first regarding JBoss WorkManager.

          First of all you have to know that in EAP 6, the WorkManager is intended to be used with a JCA resource adapter.

          It is not intended to be used as a general WorkManager.

          A resource adapter can retrieve the WorkManager from BootstrapContext#getWorkManager().

          I am afraid you have to implement a custom resource adapter which exposes the API that is required for your application,

          and then have the resource adapter use the WorkManager API internally.

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            Naveen Bandi Newbie

            Thanks for the update,for my application i am looking to use server managed work manager.is common J work manager is supported in jboss eap 6.4,how to get work manager in eap 6.4 with common j work manager

            if any example or reference please post the link .also how to do asynchronous calls in JBOSS without EJB.our appl'n dont want to use EJB.

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              Panagiotis Chavariotis Novice

              I'm afraid CommonJ framework is not supported in JBoss EAP 6. It is not an official standard.