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    How to Set Jgroups UDP to unicast instead of default multicast in standalone-ha.xml

    Rony Rony Newbie

      Jgroups use "IP multicasting by default to send messages to all members (UDP) and for discovery of the initial members . However, if multicasting cannot be used, the UDP  can be configured to send multiple unicast messages instead of one multicast message. To configure UDP to use multiple unicast messages to send a group message instead of using IP multicasting, the ip_mcast property has to be set to false." (as per jboss documentation https://developer.jboss.org/ )


      My question is how can I pass "ip_mcast" value to false in wildfly? Below is the sample jgroups subsystem in the standalone-ha.xml. In the xsd I don't see a way to pass this value. Please help!!




      <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:jgroups:4.0">

            <channels default="ee">

              <channel name="ee" stack="udpgossip"/>



              <stack name="udpgossip">

                <transport type="UDP" socket-binding="jgroups-tcp"/>

                <protocol type="TCPGOSSIP">

                  <property name="initial_hosts">[12001]</property>


                <protocol type="MERGE3"/>

                <protocol type="FD_SOCK" socket-binding="jgroups-tcp-fd"/>

                <protocol type="FD"/>

                <protocol type="VERIFY_SUSPECT"/>

                <protocol type="pbcast.NAKACK2"/>

                <protocol type="UNICAST3"/>

                <protocol type="pbcast.STABLE"/>

                <protocol type="pbcast.GMS"/>

                <protocol type="MFC"/>

                <protocol type="FRAG2"/>