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    New HttpSession at login procedure / Session not recognized by the WebListener

    Frank Langelage Master

      I have a WebListener to trace session lieftime in order to collect usage statistics of our web application. We currenctly have WildFly 10.1 in place.

      public class LicenseManager implements HttpSessionListener


      When going to the start page a new web session is created and recognized by the listener.

      As our web application is secured you get redirected to the login page.

      Login is done in one of our classes.


      HttpServletRequest request = (HttpServletRequest)ec.getRequest();
      request.login( this.userSessionModel.getUsername(), this.userSessionModel.getPassword() );
      this.activeSessions.updateSessionLoggedIn( request.getSession(), this.userSessionModel.getUsername() );


      Looking at request.getSession().getId() here gives us a different sesion id and this session was not recognized by the web listener.


      That's not what I expected to get.

      What's goin on here?