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    Wildfly pause response

    Helen Chen Novice



      I'm using Wildfly 10.0.0.FInal on Solaris 10.3 with java 1.8.


      While testing wildfly, I found sometimes the page responded quick, sometimes the page responded slow, the slowness can be like 30 seconds or even more.  I restarted Wildfly, the problem still happens, but seems happened less frequently.


      To just isolate Wildfly out from any other things, I created a test.html page with just "hello world" in the file, and put this file under a project directory. then I access this html directly from port 8080, like http://test.sample.com/myapp/test.html

      the slowness still happens. Using Wireshark, I can see my local machine sent "GET" request to server, but after 20 seconds the Wildfly replyed with "ok".  This seems to be like Wildfly does not respond to simple request.


      Using unix command "prstat -c -p pid 1", I found when the page is slow, the wildfly java process is in "stop" state.


      Does anyone know what can cause wildfly java process to be in "stop" state?

      Any suggestion where to look? what flag I can turn on to get more information?  It seems that it is the basic Wildfly layer, get request and send respond. I don't know where to look.


      Thanks, Helen