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    systemd-bus-proxyd taking over file ownerships

    Todd Jacobsen Newbie



      I have been in the process of migrating a php web application from RHEL6 to RHEL7.  The original application was server based and installation was conducted via an iso image.


      I can migrate over the core application but during execution of that application specific web folder files have file ownership changes that occur on RHEL7 that is not happening on RHEL6.


      Upon installation, certain files/folders are set up with permissions of 640, 740, 600 etc.. with <application>: <application> ownership set.


      After a while, those files have their ownership changed to systemd-bus-proxyd : <application> - which causes the application to fail.


      I have also seen, following reboot, that the ownership is getting transitioned to polkitd as well.


      This has been emulated on RHEL7.2 server and CentOS7.2.


      What is going on?

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          Todd Jacobsen Newbie

          Still an issue.  It seems to occur after a couple of priv user logins - and I see abrt-cli fail as well.  This impacts:

          Files in /etc/ directory

          /etc/shadow has all permissions removed (this is exhibited while remote logged in and locally login/logout.)

          Files in /usr/share

          .* files in user directories /home/<user>




          In all cases, systemd-bus-proxy takes ownership of files that are root, application, or user owned.  I have not been able to determine why it discriminates some files over others (ie not all files get corrupted).