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    ManagedBean in Module jar

    Uwe Wolfinger Newbie

      As i want to reuse some ManagedBeans in serveral places, i put them in a jar, and installed is as a Module in the Wildfly modules Folder.


      The module is included as a dependency in a WAR application via the jboss-deployment-structure.xml (<module name="com.mycompany.portal.util" meta-inf="export"/>).


      When i try to access (e.g. <h:outputText value="#{configBean.getTemplatePath()}"/>) the bean it shows, that the bean is null.


      When put the jar with the ConfigBean in the WEB-INF/lib everythin works fine.


      Is it possible, to install ManagedBeans as Modules? If yes, what additional configuration do i need?


      kind regards,