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    JBPM User Task Forms and Responsive UI

    Anish Jr Newbie



      I am using JBPM 6.4 for developing a business process. I have few complex forms in my process to build. And I would like to know whether it is possible to build such complex forms using JBPM. Please provide suggestions for the below mentioned queries.


      • Is it possible to build a complex form in JBPM containing several tabs/section and each tabs containing several field's using form modeler? If possible, then please suggest some examples or references for the same or kindly mention if there is any way to embed an external forms to the user task.


      • I had worked on document uploading feature provided in form modeler, and as per my understanding we can upload only one document against the controller. Is there any extension to this feature for uploading any number of documents with a single upload button?
        Also I will need a comment section in which the data can be consolidated one after other, because for an instance, in an approve reject scenario, the approver may add some comments before rejecting the form, and requester will be able to see the rejected form along with rejection comments. After correction the requester may send the request again, in that case approver should able to view his previous comments and should able to add new comments if needed. With the facility of previous comments being a "read only".


      • I would be keen to know whether JBPM currently have any active branch for responsive UI, or is there any activity to make it responsive? So that I can work on those branches for developing my business process.


      • Is there any activity in progress on JBPM for switching the UI from GWT to any other UI framework like AngularJs? If yes, then kindly provide it's details.


      • Apart from Jboss dashbuilder is there any other supportable report engines(like jasper reports) to integrate it with JBPM .




      Anish JR