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    Specific filter-spec configuration in Wildfly 10

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      First off, if I am writing this the wrong place - i apologize. Please route me to the correct place for posting this type of questions.


      Now, in the standalone-full.xml I have the root logger which logs to a number of handlers. Inside the "main" file-handler that writes to the server.log file i want to specify a filter-spec to avoid specific log entries from a category that i pick up inside another logger which routes to another handler.


      Let's say that i want to filter out anything that comes from [foo.bar.foo.bar] I have then made the entry <filter-spec value="not(match(&quot;foo.bar.foo.bar&quot;))"/> however this does not work as I intend it too. I will still get entries in the server.log file from [foo.bar.foo.bar]. I have browsed various examples that all seem to point to something along "JBAS" (from documentation). Is what I am trying to do possible in any way and am I simply using it incorrect or is what I am trying to accomplish not possible?


      Thanks in advance!


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