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    Custom EJB Security domain in EAP 7 not running

    Ian MacIntyre Newbie

      I'm having an issue with a custom security domain (referred to from EJB layer) in EAP 7 - does anyone know if anything has changed in this regard (it works fine in both Wildfly 10.0 and Wildfly 10.1)


      Within jboss-ejb3.xml I have the following









      And within standalone-full.xml I have


      <security-domain name="custom-server" cache-type="none">


              <login-module code="com.mycompany.CustomLoginModule" flag="required" module="com.mycompany"/>




      The custom login module extends org.jboss.security.auth.spi.AbstractServerLoginModule and overrides login() and getRoleSets().


      In EAP7 it never calls the login module - my breakpoints never fire.  In Wildfly 10 and 10.1 the breakpoints fire as expected and the code does what it is supposed to.


      I know EAP7 is correctly validating the security domain exists - if I rename it to something else the server does not start up.


      I have other security domains that are referenced within the web tier (referenced in jboss-web.xml) and they run just fine.


      Scratching my head with this one.

      Any help appreciated