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    Using our artifactory instead of the Fuse maven repo

    Daniel Brownell Newbie



      I'm in Fuse 6.2.1.  I use Jenkins/Artifactory currently.

      I have a conceptual block in the intended workflow for deploying bundles into a fabric container.


      So currently I have all my bundles in the /deploy folder.  Now I want to add some load balancing for hot deployment of newer versions of bundles.

      To get gateway-http profile though, I need to be running in a fabric ensemble, instead of a standalone, it seems, since none of the fabric:commands are available until you create a fabric.


      I've managed to create the fabric, create a child container, edit a profile in the hawtio UI, and change the child container to use that profile.

      But it doesn't show any of the /deploy apps in the osgi:list.  My goal is now to deploy my bunde jars to this child container.


      I see there's a drag and drop place in the hawtio UI.  So I try that.  But I get:

      ArtifactNotFoundException: Could not find artifact my.company:App:jar:4.0.2 in karaf-default (file:/opt/fuse/system/)


      As far as I can tell, Fuse is looking in its own maven repo.  My poms build the jars into Artifactory.  Totally different repo.

      So how do I get Fuse to look in my Artifactory?


      Is this possible?  Is this correct?  Is this really how it's meant to be done?  Is there not a way to just configure a profile to use the contents of a directory like /deploy or something? 

      Seems like a lot of configuration on a running system. Ideally, since this is in a docker container, I would be able to set up the whole Fuse, and just map the deploy directory and be done with it.