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    How to upgrade JBoss Web in JBoss 5.x.x ?

    Conor Ryan Newbie

      JBoss Web 2.1.3 in JBoss 5.1.0 has some fixes that I need on a production server running JBoss Web 2.1.2 in JBoss 5.0.1. See below for details.

      So how do I upgrade JBoss Web only?

      This is a sar. So I'd imagine all that is required is to switch in jbossweb.sar from JBoss 5.0.1.

      Has anybody done this? Is this the correct approach? Are there any gotchas?

      Or would upgrading to JBoss 5.1.0 be a less risky approach?

      (Fixes in JBoss Web 2.1.2: ChunkedInputFilter in JBoss Web 2.1.2 is not very good at handling "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" requests. E.g. a bad input request can cause the server to loop forever. There have been some fixes applied in 2.1.3)