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    [ModeShape 5.2.0] README.txt describes wrong folder structure of distribution

    Mathias Conradt Newbie

      I am new to ModeShape, just downloaded the modeshape-5.2.0.Final.zip. It includes a README.txt which states:


      If you're not using Maven, the easiest way use ModeShape is via the files in this distribution, which have the following structure:


      /- modeshape-version

          /- doc - the documentations folder, which will contain among other things, the full javadoc

          /- examples - the example folder, which contains out-of-the-box, runnable examples. See below for more information

              /- example_1

              /- example_2



      But this folder structure is not correct and totally different than described in the README.txt. There are no folders called 'examples', no folder named 'test', etc.