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    mysql connection from jboss 5.1 on a mac

    Andre Hildebrandt Newbie

      Hi, I have spent this lovely sunday trying to connect to a mysql DB on my mac. I have taken a server configuration I have been using on my Linux machine and a Linux VM on this mac with success. I installed mysql on this mac because I'm going on holiday want to work on my mac "natively" so to speak without the VM. Unfortunately the very same configuration that works on my Linux machines fails on my mac with:

      Caused by: org.jboss.resource.JBossResourceException: Failed to register driver for: org.mysql.jdbc.Driver; - nested throwable: (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.mysql.jdbc.Driver from BaseClassLoader@e83135{

      I assume this is the cause, however I have no explanation why it should really be a classloading issue. The mysql-connector-java-5.1.7-bin.jar is in the $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/lib. I have also tried packaging it with the application I'm trying to deploy, no change. I also know the DB is working, I can connect using the command line, the mysql GUI adminstration tool as well as connect using the exact driver above from a simple java main program I have written. Any ideas why jboss would fail would be greatly appreciated!

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