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    Bind custom object to JNDI


      I wouldn't say this is a problem, I'm just curious of internals which might be a problem
      as I managed to achieve binding custom object to JNDI via ServiceActivator etc.
      I don't like how code looks like and it uses proprietary APIs but in the end... it works


      Anyway, I'd still like to know what is an actual issue?


      I've been trying a lot of things and beside other stuff I've came up to this:
      http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19429149/jboss-7-1-jndi-binding-programmaticallyjboss 7.1 jndi binding programmatically - Stack Overflow

      I am using EAP 6.3 which is on much later 7.4 community version than 7.1.1. mentioned on that SO page.


      It is claimed that simple


      operation should work.

      However, still, I am getting

      Caused by: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: JBAS011859: Naming context is read-only.

      when I try that.

      Could someone shed some light why way around via binder service and appropriate activator works

      quite OK, but simply via


      does not?


      Thanks in advance.