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    Approach for Upgrading Camel version in Fuse

    Owain McGuire Newbie

      I have an issue with the latest Fuse 6.3.0 2.17.0.redhat-630187 with the Kafka producer component which has a known bug fixed in 2.17.1  maintenance release.  The issue occurs in the OSGI environment so development is not impacted, just integration testing.  I would like to try the community version of 2.17.3 (latest maintenance release temporarily.  Two things:


      Firstly, Any ideas when a patch for 6.3.0 will come out to bring Camel up to 2.17.x (x > 0)?


      Is there a simple way temporarily dumping the 2.17.0.redhat-630187 and using 2.17.3.  I guess this is not recommended but a quick search of etc for 2.17.0.redhat-630187 doesn't look too onerous (with a bit of Git re-assurance).  Other than changing the location of the maven repo to maven central, is there anything else I need to "dump" 2.17.0.redhat-630187?





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          Sebastian Brandt Newbie

          Instead of replacing the whole Camel framework which is rather difficult, I assume, you could try to just replace the Camel Kafka module with the newer one containing the fix. As long as it is a 2.17.x version this _should_ work (have not tried it, though).


          Deploy "camel-kafka-2.17.3.jar" in Fuse and put an OSGi import:


          in your project's POM.