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    Maven dependency in getting started guide

    Alvaro Esteban Pedraza Newbie

      Hi, I'm just learning about Arquillian an this is my first post. I was just watching the getting started guide and has this dependency:



      My questions are: what is exactly a bom package? what is the version el expression?

      Thanks in advance for your answers.

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          Matous Jobanek Novice


          BOM is a abbreviation of Bill Of Materials. BOM basically defines the versions of all the artifacts that should be used in the project - BOM itself doesn't fetch any dependency, it only manages versions of artifacts defined in the dependency part. If you set a BOM in your pom.xml file, then you don't need to specify versions of artifacts that are managed by the BOM.

          More information about the dependency management can be found here: Maven – Introduction to the Dependency Mechanism

          As for the el expression - it seems that this page hasn't been generated correctly (we will try to regenerate it ASAP) - there should be the last version of arquillian-core which is 1.1.11.Final. Thanks for letting us know