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    Accessing XML configuration files through a resource adapter of an EAR

    Murthy Majeti Newbie

      We're migrating an application from weblogic to Jboss AS 7; We've some configuration files stored in a directory(axsconfig) as shown below structure. So,they can be accessed by the ear file in the weblogic domain..

      In jboss; where do we need to place the axsconfig directory to be accessed by the ear??


      weblogic domain

      |----axsconfig(Directory having Configuration Files used by the resource adapter of the earfile.ear)


           |---- earfile.ear



      and the ra.xml of the resource adapter is accessing in the below format








                     <![CDATA[<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>






















      Now, to access the same axsconfig directory without any NullPointerExcpetion; Where do we need to place it in Jboss domain???



      Thanks in advance,

      Murthy Majeti