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    HornetQ AIO Native Library Loading Issue On WildFly 9.0.2 and SUSE 10

    jfisherdev Apprentice

      My organization is currently testing WildFly 9.0.2.final on various versions of SUSE.


      We have encountered an issue with the JVM crashing when starting a standalone WildFly server on SUSE 10.


      The underlying cause appears to be with loading the HornetQ AIO native libraries.


      My understanding is that HornetQ will use AIO on Linux systems that support it and will fall back to using NIO for journaling when AIO is not available. In this case, it seems that HornetQ considers AIO available but cannot load the native libraries. While the HornetQ server could be configured to explicitly use NIO, I would prefer not to change the server configuration and allow HornetQ to configure journalling in the standard fashion.


      This has not been an issue on SUSE 11 and 12.


      I have attached what information we were able to capture about the JVM crash.


      Any information about whether or not AIO can be used on SUSE 10 would be appreciated.