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    Wildfly programmatic login

    Bhagya Jayakanthi Newbie

      I want to programatically authenticate a user via a wildfly login module and redirect the user to a page after a successful authentication.

      I have successfully configured a wildfly login module and authenticated the user. But after the authentication, the redirection to a new page doesn't work. When redirecting to the page, it popups the authentication popup which is not expected. Can anyone help on this?

      Below is my code.


      protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp) throws ServletException, IOException {

           String orgNo = "5555555555";
           String reprNo = "1";

          LoginContext loginContext = new LoginContext("pps", new PPSEndUserCallbackHandler(reprNo, orgNo));

          //this calls the wildfly login module and authenticates the user successfully



          //This redirection doesn't work. After executing this line it shows the authentication popup to enter user credentials which I don't want to show to the user.