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    Client Side Authentication Undertow

    Kevin Kelly Newbie

      So I have posted a question here on stackoverflow. Figured it would be easier to link to it here ->


      java - Undertow X.509 Being Stripped? - Stack Overflow


      It would appear to me that the X.509 is being stripped? But to make comment on that stackoverflow post

      the emebedded server I am setting up with .setServerOptions() do not seem to be working as intended. As

      per setting


      serverBuilder = Undertow.builder()

        // .setServerOption(UndertowOptions.ENABLE_HTTP2, true)

        .addHttpsListener(port, host, sslContext)

      // .setServerOption(Options.SECURE, true)

        .setServerOption(Options.SSL_ENABLED, true)

        .setServerOption(Options.SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_MODE, SslClientAuthMode.REQUIRED)


      has no effect on the deployment below


      // setup app rest deployement information

        appRestDeployment = new ResteasyDeployment();




      appDeploymentInfo = server.undertowDeployment(appRestDeployment, Config.API_PATH);





      Please, help on this would be much appreciated. I am not sure why I cannot receive the X.509 certificate in the request, which I know is properly working, as has been tested using a different framework.