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    How To create JMS Queue and MDB to handle Multi Users ?

    Cool Smart Newbie

      I am developing a web application with JMS Queue and MDB for Massaging. I created the Queue, ConnectionFactory and MDB.

      Now I can send the message. When I print in onMassage() method it's printing message.

      Now my problem is I need to send message to different users.

      1) How can I differentiate messages by users in MDB ?

      2) How can I notify by user to he has a new message in JSF page ?

      2) How can I keep all messages when users are in not active too ? When they came to active those messages should show to them.


      The 1) and 2) I did with primface push notification by using channels . Now I am not going to use primeface notification.


      I put my problem in stack overflow too http://stackoverflow.com/questions/40605155/how-to-send-messages-and-notification-to-particular-user-and-all-users-using-jms/40619331#40619331

      In above link my code available . If you need I can provide more information that you need .

      Can anyone help on this please ?


      Thanks in Advance !