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    Simple Man Guide to invoke an external web service (WSDL) using JBoss Developer Studio 9 and Fuse

    Dennis Naranjo Newbie

      Hi all.


      Consider myself as a newbie in this subject, first.


      I'm trying to figure how can I use JBoss Developer Studio to invoke an external web service (i.e.  http://www.webservicex.net/country.asmx?WSDL ) and after that, deploy it as a brand new web service with a different name (doing exactly the same as the original, of course) in my local standalone Fuse server.


      I've reviewed tons of Blogs, articles, Red Hat tutorials, videos for about a week or two, but I'm simply giving myself up with this. Is that hard?


      I've succesfully installed and tested in my Windows 64 machine the jdk-8u111-windows-x64, apache-maven-3.3.9, jboss-eap-6.4.0-installer, fuse-eap-installer-6.3.0.redhat-187 and devstudio-integration-stack-9.0.2.GA-standalone-installer.


      Please help!