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    Proposition of a new component: pivot table


      For the purpose of my work, I needed a kind of table commonly used in banking and accounting world, a data matrix, a pivot table. So as it doesn't exist already I wrote one in using JSF components and panelGrid Primefaces. But it can be easily modified to use Richfaces grid instead.


      When used properly it looks like this:



      I made for it these functionalities:

      - Visual presentation of data depending from two tree dimensions (rows and columns


      - Styles to distinguish total cells and big total cells (ui-pivottable-total and ui-pivottable-bigtotal

      css classes)

      - Buttons to group/ungroup children of a dimension (in the screenshot example, for example

      quarters or year)

      - Link on values to display details of the aggregated value clicked

      - Possibility to change dynamically the dimensions displayed


      I made a war application example about how to use it, and with the sources to use it as you want, and also important with documentations (in documentation folder) to explain how to use it, and how it is made.



      I hope it can help other developers needed this component, and better, with the appropiated modifications it can need, be one of the many and great Richfaces component