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    Local object is returned as NULL

    Rahul Soni Newbie

      The problem is "LocalHome object is getting created but when Local object is being created, the local object is returned as NULL"

      Sample Code is as follows

      SubFleetAlignmentEntityLocalHome objSubFleetAlignmentEntityLocalHome = SubFleetAlignmentEntityLocalHome)getEntityLocalEJBRef(BMSApplicationConstants.FLEET_ALIGNMENT_ENTITY_JNDI);

      SubFleetAlignmentEntityLocal objSubFleetAlignmentEntityLocal= (SubFleetAlignmentEntityLocal)objSubFleetAlignmentEntityLocalHome.create();

      objSubFleetAlignmentEntityLocal.align(objSubFleetAlignmentDTO,con); // this line throws null pointer as objSubFleetAlignmentEntityLocal is null.

      Rahul Soni