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    Different versions of Java - Jboss EAP 7.0

    Jackson Franco Newbie

      Good evening,

      I am new to using Jboss.

      I am using JBoss EAP 7.0 with Java 8 on Linux RHEL 5.5

      I would like to validate an application that uses Java 6 (update 45), how to configure Jboss so that applications can use different versions of Java?

      Because I have applications that use java 6 and java 7

      I thank the attention.





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          Panagiotis Chavariotis Novice

          You can control the version of JDK in JBoss EAP by pointing JAVA_HOME to the path of the desired Java version.

          You can find JAVA_HOME in the standalone.conf or domain.conf configuration files.

          Just bear in mind that instances running different versions of Java should not be clustered together.

          In other words, it is not recommended to have a Managed Server of "Host Controller A" and a Manged Server of "Host Controller B" in the same JBoss cluster, running on different version of Java. Such a setup, could lead to issues due to different JDK classes.