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    Unable to receive exchange from vm endpoint in second appliation

    Krishnamohan Arkala Newbie

      Hi Friends,


      I have been struggling with the issue while passing one message from one application to another application deployed in the same EAP6.4 container.

      I am using VM component as the endpoint.

      Sample routes are :

      1st App Camel context is :


      <from some queue I am pssing />

      <to uri="vm:commonLoggingendpoint"/>


      2nd App  camel context:


      <from  uri="vm:commonLoggingendpoint"/>

      <ro uri="activemq:queue:krimon" /> to someother  queue i am passing the message



      Here Second application VM endpoint not getting the exchange message.

      I did it in karaf, its working. but i am new to EAP. Please suggest me on this. i would be grateful.