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    mod_cluster forward traffic to app subfolder

    David Baddeley Newbie

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      I am running mod_cluster 1.2.11 in front on some JBoss AS 7.2 nodes

      I have a VirtualHost for one of our subdomains, eg. store.myapp.com

      I would like to forward traffic to a particular subfolder in our app (eg. localhost/myapp/user/appstore/)

      I have tried config like this...

      <VirtualHost *:443>  
          ServerName store.myapp.com
          ProxyPass / balancer://mod-cluster/user/appstore stickysession=JSESSIONID|jsessionid timeout=30
          ProxyPassReverse / balancer://mod-cluster/user/appstore
          ProxyPreserveHost On 

      But it seems the balancer is unable to forward traffic to a sub directory

      Any suggestions...?