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    Pulling all running config from Jboss CLI crashes  the domain controller.

    Craig Dunn Newbie

      A bit of background for context - I'm trying to rework a Puppet module for configuring JBoss that needs to check and set a very large number of node configuration entries.  Rather than interact with the CLI for each individual entry (which is causing performance problems) to check how it's currently configured, I want to be able to gather all of the existing runtime information in one single hit and serialize that data.


      Currently, I am doing this using the following query once to read in all of the configuration;


      /:read-resource(recursive=true, recursive-depth=20, include-runtime=true)


      This works in a test environment but when run on a domain controller with many many profiles the data set is very large, this seems to cause problems and even crashes the domain controller as it exceeds the heapsize (even though we increased this to 4G)


      Is there some optimization that we need to do here, or is there a better, less destructive method, for getting this data out with only one or two interactions with the CLI?