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    JBoss hide or secure datasources

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      I have a quite philosophical question about how the web applications access to datasources.

      Either in standalone or domain mode (inside one profile) you can declare a group of datasources or xa-datasources. Each one has it´s jdbc connection url, username and password (which can be encrypted by using Jboss vault), and can be referenced and accessed via JNDI.

      In the other hand, you have a bunch of web applications deployed in your server (in standalone or in domain mode, inside a server which belongs to this profile) and all of them can retrieve all of the defined datasources (if these applications know the JNDI).


      My questions are:

      - Is there any way you can restrict that one web application only can access to one datasource, even when in that profile there are multiple datasources?

      - In domain mode, If I want to achieve this, would be a good practice to deploy each web application in its own profile, and in this profile to declare only the datasource it needs?