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    [Modeshape 5.2] Query results using residual properties and Lucene indexes

    Luca Tagliani Newbie

      Hi all,

        we're trying to model a repository defining only nodeTypes and not properties or childnode, leaving all to residual definition.


      We would like to do so to achieve maximum flexibility in future structure change and customer needs.


      All goes well (except performance :-) ) if we doesn't use any kind of indexes.


      For this reason we try to use indexes defined on one or more of these residual properties: then things start to go bad.

      In particular, even if the query plan shows that the index will be used, nodes are not found correctly.


      We verified this by setting log level to DEBUG: nodes are correctly indexed; also we're sure that the searched node exists, because if we get the node by path, we found it.


      Is this a known situation or are we doing something wrong?




      Luca Tagliani