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    How to use 2 different Oracle drivers in same server?

    Robb Nicholson Newbie

      We are using Jboss AS 4.2.2-GA and have hit a snag. One application needs to connect to an older Oracle 8 database, so we need to use the older Oracle JDBC driver. For all of our other applications, we need to use the newer Oracle JDBC driver.

      But the classnames for the drivers are the same, so we can't figure a way to tell one *-ds.xml file to deploy under the early driver and everything else to use the newer driver.

      We tried adding the older driver JAR file and the *-ds.xml file right in our application EAR file, but when deploying it picked up the newer Oracle driver from the server's lib directory anyways. This puzzled me as we are using ear-scoped classloaders.

      Both applications are SEAM applications using EJB3/Hibernate. We can get one or the other to work depending on which Oracle driver we put in lib/ but can't get both to work at once.

      I've been searching Google and the Jboss forums and wiki for the past 2 hours, and find lots of newbie "this is how to deploy a datasource" stuff, but nothing on 2 conflicting versions of a vendor's driver. HELP!