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    Java Web Start - Can't access jnlp file.

    Nigel Hutchison Newbie

      I have a small java application developed in Netbeans 6.8 RC2 that I have configured for Web Start. It runs OK within the IDE. The contents of the 'dist' folder has been copied to the 'deploy' folder within JBoss 5.1.0 AS as per a posting I found somewhere. Netbeans, I think, does not have a mechanism for deploying a web start application to an external server. At least, I haven't discovered one, I am open to being corrected here.

      A war deployed to the server contains a jsp with the following html:

      <h3>Test page for launching the application via JNLP</h3>
      Launch the application

      wHEN I click on the link in Firefox,a 404 error is returned: The requested resource (/launch.jnlp) is not available.

      Can anyone advise on how to get this to work, please?