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    slow method under jboss wildfly-10.0.0.Final

    Giuseppe Talarico Newbie

      Good morning,

      am new to the forum, I write because I have an execution slowness of a method under jboss. In practice I run the same method (read simply a no intermediate calls) and only client data structure with a 356 ms time under jboss with a 5500 ms.

      I do the same operations with the difference that in the second case the application is deployed under application servers.

      Thank you

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          Tomaz Cerar Master

          You will need to provide more information to what you are doing.

          What your method is doing, how it is deployed, what is your enviroment, etc ...

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            Giuseppe Talarico Newbie


            I run the code (the same server and eclipse neon) below in two different modes:

            1) through a single client application (run -> java application) and the execution time is 500ms

            2) if you launch the same method in a web application (jsf2 + spring) the method employs 5000ms.

            Thanks for your help


            public void testDT(AtomicReference<Integer> nRec,NObject dataTable,AtomicReference<String> errMsg)throws JavonetException {

              NObject NETrows, NETobj, NETcolumns;

              long ms1, ms2, tms;

              int i, k;

              this.nRecord = nRec.get();

              System.out.println("n. record: " + String.valueOf(this.nRecord));

              ms1 = java.lang.System.currentTimeMillis();



              // colonne (numero, nome e tipo dati)

              NETcolumns = dataTable.get("Columns");

              int nc = NETcolumns.get("Count");

              this.columns = new ColDesc[nc];

              for ( i=0; i<nc; i++ ) {

              NETobj = NETcolumns.getIndexRef(i);

              this.columns[i] = new ColDesc();

              this.columns[i].name = NETobj.get("ColumnName");

              this.columns[i].type = ((NObject) NETobj.get("DataType")).invoke("ToString");



              // numero di righe

              NETrows = dataTable.get("Rows");

              int nr = NETrows.get("Count");


              // matrice di output

              this.rows = new Object[nr][nc];


              // recupera le righe del datatable

              for ( i=0; i<nr; i++ ) {

              NETobj = NETrows.getIndexRef(i); // riga

              for (k=0; k<nc; k++) { // campi della riga

              this.rows[i][k] = NETobj.getIndex(k);



              ms2 = java.lang.System.currentTimeMillis();

              System.out.println("recupero dati ms: " + String.valueOf(ms2-ms1));