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    Dropped JDBC Connections in JBoss

    mike chuh Newbie

      Hello JBoss experts,

      i've got a question about dropped jdbc connections in JBoss. I'm developing an application which is depending on a working Database connection, but the Database is installed on different machine. So every time JBoss accesses the database and the database is not accessible i get an Exception from the connection pool, and even though i activated reevaluation of connections, JBoss will not recover from this failure even if the DB is back online again. Even worse it takes about 15 Minutes till the connections is timed out, probably because of some TCP/IP Timeout of the operating system.
      Is there any configuration option for JBoss 5.0.1GA to make that work? This Problem does not sound like a really rare one, but even after trying a lot of different solutions i got no working solution.
      Please help me! :)

      Greetings, Mike