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    Front to Back Simple Example of Widfly 10.1 authenticating against Active Directory

    John Marshall Newbie

      I have am drowning in too much similar but different pieces of information pertaining to this subject. 


      Does Wildfly 10.1 come with SPNEGO?  The one example in the Wildfly documentation doesn't mention SPNEGO instead it shows how to setup your ManagementRealm with Active Directory but there is no explaination of what it shows, nor does it show how to configure the web app to take advantage of that realm.  Is that example intended to make use of SPNEGO in Wildfly?


      The way I see it, there are a few parts to all of this:


      - Setting up Wildfly to have a secure relationship with Active Directory.  How do we do this?  Or is this what that example does in the Wildfly documentation?


      - Once a relationship is established between Active Directory and Wildfly then we need to setup another realm for Web Applications to use?  Is that correct?  What does that realm look like and how does it differ from the one that establishes the secure relationship between Wildfly and AD?


      - Once a relationship between Wildfly and AD is established and a realm is setup for use by web apps how do we configure the web app to know to authenticate using this new security realm?


      If anyone can please help us get to the bottom of this with a simple front-to-back example of authenticating a user (using Active Direcotry) who comes to a web app and then if the user is valid shows a "success" but if the user is not valid it shows "failure" that would be down right unimagineable! not to mention wonderful!!!


      Can anyone help?