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    Configuration of MDB StrictMaxPool in Standalone.xml

    Satish Reddy Duvvuru Newbie

      Hi, I have below configuration in my jboss EAP 6.4 standalone xml.

      And I have an application that has 50 MDBs  deployed and defined with no pool defined specifically for them.  They will all use the default pool StrictMaxPool. 

      Is this configuration saying only 1 MDB is executing at a time or that at all 50 MDB’s could be executing simultaneously? All 50 MDBs could be executing but with max of 1 copy at a time?



      <resource-adapter-ref resource-adapter-name="wmq.jmsra.rar"/>

      <bean-instance-pool-ref pool-name="StrictMaxPool"/>




      <strict-max-pool name="slsb-strict-max-pool" max-pool-size="1500" instance-acquisition-timeout="5" instance-acquisition-timeout-unit="MINUTES"/>

      <strict-max-pool name="StrictMaxPool" max-pool-size="1" instance-acquisition-timeout="5" instance-acquisition-timeout-unit="MINUTES"/>




      Please help me