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    DeliveryActive - Set this within code to start/stop a Message Driven Bean

    Matt Rich Newbie



      I have looked into the DeliveryActive annotation for message driven beans and am wondering if it is possible to set this value programmatically.


      public class MyJmsListener implements MessageListener {


      I want to be able to start my system in a "paused" state in the event of recovering from failure so am using this flag on my MDBs. However as this annotation is a compile time setting and is already set to false (i.e. don't start-up) in my WAR file I am wondering how the industry standard way of instantiating the MDB is on start-up for "normal" behaviour.


      I am aware of the Command Line tool and am able to start my beans manually but I would like to have an automated way of re-enabling the beans for normal behaviour. Something along the lines of reading in a property file and calling the startDelivery() method for each MDB within the application itself.


      Is there any way to do this? or am I missing the standard way of starting the delivery?


      I have been looking at the code in wildfly/MessageDrivenComponent.java at master · wildfly/wildfly · GitHub, but I am not sure how I can reach or use any of it without using the command line tool.

      Any help is appreciated.


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