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    how to pass a file to another user for review ? (jboss workflow)


      I am using JBoss to create a workflows for OPENKM.

      *I am using openKM 6.3

      *Jboss 5.00



      1. After user1 uploaded a file. user1 will input some data on it.

      the data on it and the file will then be transferred to USER2.


      2. USER2 will then review the file , user2 may either accept or reject it.

      if User2 accepted it, user2 will input some metadata, example. serial#, then after that,

      the file will be sent to user3, and user 3 will attach some file..

      3.after that, the file as well as the attached file will be sent to user4

      then user 4 will upload a file then all the FILES , will then be archived.


      >>if a user click REJECT, the file will be send back to the user who sent it and can be able to resubmit again.<<


      can you give me some tips on how to create this workflow?

      thank you!

      if you have created some workflow that runs like this, please send the file to my email. ricateano10@gmail.com .


      I also need someone to contact  if i have additional questions..( I am only a beginner here. )

      you can give me your email add or fb name .

      I really need your help. Thank you!!!

      GOD BLESS!