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    Can JBoss or WildFly provide us with plugin-like architecture?

    Dmitry Dmitry Newbie

      Greetings, guys!


      We think of moving to WildFly or JBoss in our project. One thing we are interested in is plugin-styled architecture. For us this implies following scenario:


      1) we deploy our application to application server

      2) we want to add some plugin to our application. given plugin contains some special implementation opf interface, defined in application

      3) we add this plugin without undeploying application

      4) we replace first plugin with second one without undeploying application




      This looks like using OSGI framework, so after presenting our use-case lets move to possible solution.


      I have read that there is a project named JBoss OSGI which helps to integrate OSGI and JBoss. Description found by me looks like:


      Starting from WildFly-8.0.0.Alpha3, OSGi support is not part of WildFly any

      more. JBoss OSGi project provides examples, documentation and the subsystem that

      adds OSGi functionality to WildFly.


      So finally, as far as I understand, if I want to use OSGI functionality I have to

      1) download JBoss OSGI project

      2) incorporate it into my WildFly installation

      3) use OSGI platform


      Is my understanding correct?

      Is there any other way to implement the scenario I have written above?